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"I never really liked dentists, but Dr Jake is the best I've ever had. He's really gentle and light with his hands; he always makes me feel comfortable. There's a reason I drive all the way up from Charlotte to see him, he's the only dentist I trust." Ross S.

"The cleanings I get here always rock! Before, my gums would be sore for days after a cleaning, but thank goodness I found the great folks at Lakeshore Dentistry! The office staff is so friendly and understanding; they are always happy to help you reschedule or get an appointment that works for you. Dr, Jake is also very friendly and easy to understand. His explanations of dental procedures and terms are thorough, but still clear." Ashley E. 

"I had to have a tooth extracted today, boy was I dreading it! I remember back to when I had to have a tooth remove several years ago, uugghh.
I went into Lakeshore Dentistry and saw Dr. J (Jake Skowronski) believe it or not I was there less than 20 minutes. Dr J came in and ensured I understood what needed to be done, assured me everything would be fine. Gave me a shot (Which I did not feel) he waited a few minutes came back and gave me one more shot and said I want to make sure you do not feel anything, he then said okay I'm going to push on the tooth let me know if you feel anything. in less and a minute he said "Alright my man your done" I said Done? Really? I could not believe it I did not feel any pain! the numbness has worn off and still no pain! I have not even had to take pain medicine just an ibuprofen to help control any swelling. I would recommend Dr. J to everyone!
With Sandi, Amy, Jill and others what a great team! I do not have to fear the dentist since I met the Lakeshore Dentistry Team, So glad I found this Dental office."

-Jimmy H.

"Dr. Jake and the staff at Lakeshore Dentistry make me feel like family, rather than a patient. From the time you walk in the door, Amy, Sandy, Jill , Kathy, and Dr. Jake greet you with a smile and call you by name. I have a deep seated terror (no, that is not an exaggeration) of going to the dentist that is based on experiences when I was a child. The staff at Lakeshore acknowledged this fear and have gone out of their way to help me feel comfortable with the visit. I have just returned from a visit (Thursday) to have a permanent crown completed. Since they had to remove adhesive near the nerve area, Kathy emphasized that I was in control of any numbing medication I needed and made sure I was comfortable during the process. Each member of the staff is caring and is focused on individual patient's needs. I encourage anyone looking for a dentist to check with Lakeshore - especially if you have children. "

- Paula T.

"Absolutely adore this office! This office is filled with a friendly staff who are more than willing to go the extra mile to help you, even to the point of greeting you by name when you walk into the door for your appointment. They are always smiling and treat patients with the utmost care. I went into the office to pick up my father one day and came back two weeks later for my appointment and the staff even remembered who I was and my father! I will be recommending this office to all of my friends and family throughout the future!"

- Zalia M.

"Lakeshore Dentistry is a great place to have your teeth looked after. The hygenists are easy on your mouth when they are cleaning your teeth. If you have something wrong they will tell you, and then tell you how to correct the issue with your teeth or gums. The Dentist is very personable and cares about you. The whole office staff is friendly and they remember you! I definetly recommend Lakeshore Dentistry."

-Cathie H.

"We love Lakeshore Dentistry, Our teenage boys just switched over to them after going for years to a pediatric dentist and they like Lakeshore even better after just one visit! Dr. Jake is very gentle and explains things as he goes along. He makes going to the dentist a breeze and I have been very afraid of dentists my whole life. Not anymore! The office staff is very friendly and helpful and they greet you by name. It is nice to not feel like a number. Also the hygienists are terrific and gentle as well! No more dreading the dentists. I would recommend this office to everyone! We are VERY happy!"

- Pam C. 

"After living in Mooresville for 11 years and trying 2 other dentist, I have finally found a dentist and staff that I love! Dr. Jake is awesome and his staff is exceptional! They have put my fears at ease!"

- Shannon A.

"Dr jake is amazing, always makes me feel at ease, and the staff is so friendly and caring i wouldn't go anywhere else!"

- Robin B.

"The Dentist does amazing work and the Staff is so friendly! I would not go anywhere else. I actually enjoy my Dental appointments."

- Cheryl S.

" Five Stars!"

- Connie T. 

Sandy was great and explained what we needed to do with the paperwork very clearly.

Jill explained what she was going to do very well and gave me a great cleaning. We got along great and I liked her. Kathy was incredibly nice and you two have a great way of making the patient feel comfortable. I am usually a pretty easy patient but I think if I was afraid or nervous you guys would have put me at ease.

The office was very nice and the atmosphere was very professional and clean. I didn't spend much time in the lobby. You did a great job and I can tell you really enjoy what you do. I was clear on what procedures you guys were going to perform and why you were going to do what you did.

It is obvious that you know exactly what you are doing. I was very impressed but not surprised. That was probably the best dental visit I have ever had. I swear I am not being fake when I say that.

My daughter was also seen and she was telling me how nice everyone was to her and she really liked being able to watch something during the cleaning. She was also very happy to hear about her wisdom teeth. :) I know your practice will be a great success for a long time. THANK YOU!!" 

- Phil F.

"Highly recommend this place!!! Great location, great staff and great dentist. My first experience there was awesome!! I plan to have them handle all my dental needs which hopefully is just a couple cleanings a year and a couple cosmetic things in the future. If a problem does come up I feel I will be in great hands still."

- Jesse M.

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